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Residential complex "NORDHAUS"

Our company carries out the construction of townhouses.    Now the purchase of townhouses in the city is gaining popularity, as it is an excellent alternative to an apartment.

Buying an apartment in Astana is a responsible step, but there is a wonderful alternative - townhouses in the NORDHAUS Residential Complex,    For a similar price you get much better conditions. Starting with the size of the living area and ending with the convenience of the entrance and parking.

The residential complex «NORDHAUS» is designed for those who appreciate the comfort of a city apartment and the charm of a country life!



The complex is located in a picturesque and ecologically clean area of the city - the village of Koktal, on the bank of the Ishim River, and is distinguished by a unified and unique architectural style!

15 minutes to the capital

The project includes 5 block sections, the total number of townhouses (apartments) is 34, the total building area is 2 hectares of land. The convenient location of the complex allows you to get to the center of the capital in 15 minutes.


The complex includes children's and sports grounds, landscaping, beach area, housing maintenance organization, etc.
Protected closed territory
Cozy courtyards with children's and sports grounds
Unified architectural style
Developed infrastructure
Garage in each apartment
Ecologically clean area
Free Layout
Urban Communications
30% of construction is invested

Characteristics of the complex

The complex will house children's and sports grounds, a beach area, a housing and maintenance organization, etc.

Living in this complex, you can combine the comfort of a city apartment and the charms of a country life. The location of the complex allows you to get to the city center in 15 minutes.

In the improvement of the complex includes plantings of trees, flowers, lawn and masonry pavers. The territory of the complex will be guarded and fenced by a fence from the French manufacturer.

Presenting the low-rise residential complex "Nordhaus", we draw attention to the basic principles of energy conservation used in our project:

Blocking of houses

Blocking of houses. Most preferable for energy saving will be as low as possible ratio of the area of the outer walls to the cubic capacity of the house. Therefore, the best situation is observed in energy-saving houses, which have a compact form.

Orientation of premises of houses

Orientation of premises of houses. Very important is the possibility of maximizing the generation of heat and energy from solar radiation. For this, such means as the design of the facade from the sun side and the corresponding arrangement of the glazed openings are used. The vast majority of the facades of the houses are oriented to the east and west, which implies insolation of the house throughout the daylight hours.

Thermal panels and LSTC

(Light steel thin-walled structures). The most effective way to achieve energy savings in house building is primarily the use of insulation materials for walls, ceilings and the roof of the building. A warm and airtight box of a constructed house, being a protective barrier against external climatic conditions, operates on the principle of a thermos - it prevents the recuperation of the available heat.

Technical floor

According to the Nordhaus project, all residential buildings have a technical floor. A part of these premises serves as a corridor for engineering communications and facilities. Pipelines of the heating main and hot water supply in this case do not carry heat loss, in comparison with external networks, and at the same time they do not allow freezing of the premises of the technical floor, warming the floor of the 1st floor of the house.

Energy-saving double-glazed windows

Large glazed areas from the sunny side allow to receive heat from solar radiation, and energy-saving double-glazed windows will not lead to overheating of the house in the summer, and in winter to hypothermia.


Helio-collectors for water heating and lighting of the adjacent territory. The project "Nordhaus" provides for the use of solar collector energy for heating water in the hot water system, as well as solar panels for street lamps.

Boiler room

In the Nordhaus project there is autonomous heat supply and there are no external networks (heating mains). Boiler equipment is located in each of the five units, it is not integrated into a common system, which allows to eliminate heat losses through street networks and to make more accurate calculations of fuel consumption. Heating boilers are additionally equipped with climate-controlled automation, which saves from 14% to 40% of thermal energy.

Ventilation with recuperation

Ventilation with recuperation - today it is the most energy efficient ventilation system that allows homeowners to reduce the amount of energy consumed required for heating the rooms.

Layout of apartments

Each apartment includes large balconies, a terrace, a garage and a pantry on the ground floor, as well as an adjoining plot of land. Terrace in the courtyard will be covered with a terrace board, the fencing of the balconies will be made of stainless steel.

Inside the apartment there will be a wooden staircase. In the apartment will be installed French windows or, as they are called, the windows-doors occupying the entire area of the wall from floor to ceiling, from which there will be access to the patio and balcony.

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