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Cereals production

Cereals production

Groats - a food product from grains of various cultures, both whole and crushed.          A person uses cereals since ancient times, dishes from croups were considered curative.


If you are interested in the production of cereals in the city of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, then the employees of our company will help you!

Our company offer you the following products:

Figure Beans Wheat cereals
Buckwheat Semolina Corn Croup
Peas Barley cereals Pearl barley
Lentil Wheatgrass Hercules

At present, our company produces a wide range of high quality cereals.                 


Availability of high-end equipment, own production department and convenient Transport interchange allows us to make shipment of products in the shortest possible time.                 


We remind you of a phone for communication: +7 (7172) 31-31-00


Specialists of our company will help you to purchase high quality products under the most favorable conditions. We are constantly developing, so we are looking for new partners for cooperation!

By cooperating with our company, you will receive only high-quality services from the professionals of your business. With the best wishes of "PUCHA" LLP. We are dealing only with quality groats!

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