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Who are we?

Who are we?

PUCHA is a stable and financially sustainable company. The year of the birth of our Company is 1991.

At present the Company has its own network of restaurants, a trading house, production bases, builds residential complexes, Is engaged in selling food products to retail chains, is developing its expansion in the expansion of the restaurant network and new construction projects.

Our goal

Introduce and apply innovative technologies and efficient processes in the provision of services in our restaurants and in the construction of housing.

Expand the network of its restaurants, build new housing complexes, develop new business processes in other sectors of the economy.

Our advantages

The key to the success of our business is originality, creativity, non-standard and innovative in the offers and services provided. We adhere to the rule: Whatever you do, do it well, and conscientiously.

The team of our employees is a strong, well-coordinated team of professionals. Every employee of the Company is a bright, ambitious, charismatic person. All of us are united by a corporate spirit, confidence in the future, responsibility for the result and belief in success.

Our mission

Everything that is done in the company is done to fulfill our mission:       - "PUCHA" company sees its task in the development and provision of high-quality services in the sphere of public catering

and in construction with the use of new modern technologies.       We contribute to the success of our customers through

Attraction of all resources of the Company. The success of the client is our success! We appreciate the trust of our customers and partners. We strive to satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers and partners as much as possible, demonstrating an individual approach to the needs of each of them.        It is important for us to be an honest, honest, reliable partner for those who conduct business with our Company.

We are successful because

We are operational and flexible, easily adapt to changes in the time and requirements of the Client.

We can

Build comfortable housing, build and manage restaurants, cafes and canteens, Produce and sell food, To cultivate and sell cereals.

We even know how to brew good beer. With our team, we can do a lot!

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010000, Kazakhstan, Astana Beibitshilik st. 16A