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Corporate spirit

The corporate spirit of PUCHA

1. We believe that we exist in the world in order to provide people with quality services and build comfortable housing.
2. We are constantly focused on finding innovations, and we believe that they come from talented and self-confident people.
3. We believe that we need to lead, and not follow others.
4. We believe that we can say "no" to hundreds of projects in order to focus on the most important for us.
5. We believe in close cooperation in order to innovate where others can not.
6. We do not agree to anything other than excellence in any division of the company.
7. We are sufficiently self-critical to assume that we are mistaken, and we have the strength and the courage to change.
8. We believe that we need to have a goal for the whole life, and a goal for each of its periods: Goal for every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, and sacrifice smaller goals for larger ones.
9. We believe that we must always build on the needs of our customers.
10. We believe in understanding work as ideas, and ideas as work.

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